1. home, abode, residence, residency, dwelling, dwelling place, dwelling home, habitation, habitancy, Scot, and North Eng. bigging, Scot. howff, lodging, lodgings, lodging place, lodgement or lodgment, nest, roost, perch; quarters, living quarters, rooms, accommodations, housing, roof over one's head, Inf. pad, Inf. crash pad, Chiefly Brit. Inf. diggings, Brit. Inf. digs; apartment, flat, tenement, walk-up, cold-water flat, Brit. chambers, Chiefly Brit. maisonette or maisonnette; penthouse, townhouse, condominium, Sl. condo; mobile home, motor home, camper, trailer; address, location, situation, whereabouts, place.
2. mansion, palace, palatial or stately dwelling or home or residence, Fr. hotel, It. palazzo. villa, chateau, castle, Chiefly Brit. hall, Brit. court, Archit. folly, Sl. spread; manor, manor house, manor seat, estate, country estate, country home, country seat, country house, house and grounds, house and lot, Brit. Dial. toft, demesne, Law. messuage; farm, farmstead, farmplace, Archaic. farmhold, grange, Brit. farmery, Brit. croft, Brit. homecroft, Scot, and North Eng. steading; ranch, rancho, rancheria, hacienda; plantation.
3. cottage, cot, bungalow, bower, cabin, log cabin, blockhouse, Brit. Dial. cote, Scot. but-and-ben; hut, hutch, shed, shack, shanty, Scot. bothy; hovel, hole, dump, sty, pigsty, pigpen, tumbledown shack, wretched hut, mean dwelling, miserable quarters.
4. hearth, hearthstone, hearth and home, hearthside, fireside, fireplace, chimney corner, Brit. Dial. inple, Brit. Dial. ingleside, Chiefly Brit. inglenook or ingle nook; homestead, household, family, family circle, domestic circle, bosom of one's family, seat of one's affections, home sweet home, Inf. place where one hangs one's hat.
5. domicil, domiciliate, establish oneself, take up residence, take up one's abode, make one's home, inhabit, occupy, settle, locate, ensconce, Inf. hang up one's hat; take or strike root, plant oneself, anchor, come to anchor, drop anchor, moor; nest, nestle, perch, roost, squat, burrow, hive; lodge, rent, room, berth, bunk, bed, quarter or billet at, put up at, Inf. hang out, Sl. crash, Brit. Sl. doss down; camp, camp out, bivouac, pitch one's tent

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